The company "Hermes+" was founded on 06.2014.

Our pride is the modern, unparalleled, enhanced preparation BULLIT gel+ produced for the company "Hermes+" - this is one. Its composition lures and destroys at the same time!

One of the important features of the production of the latest formula BULLIT gel+ is 100% QUALITY CONTROL of the drug for compliance (availability and quantity) of the content of active substances. This procedure gives us confidence in the release of the drug of the highest quality and guarantees the consumer up to 100% result from 1.5 to 2 years or more. Quarterly introduction of new active substances eliminates the habitability of mutating cockroaches to BULLET gel+.

The composition of the preparation BULLIT gel+ includes: Fipronil 0.05%, food and inert components, which include exclusive components that do not give addiction to this drug, which makes it possible to always get a A new one. The enhanced formula of the domestic drug BULLIT gel+ was created on the basis of OBORONCHIM GEL under the trademark BULLIT GEL in August 2015 by the best chemists in Russia, and has now surpassed all the best world analogues to date. BULLIT gel+ is one such, harmless to people and pets, has no smell after application. Hazard class - 4th. The cartridge contains 30 gr. (enough for 40 sq. m. processing).


In order to protect consumers from counterfeit products, we inform sellers and buyers that a high-quality professional cockroach gel BULLIT gel+ now has additional degrees of protection on the package, in the form of an ORIGINAL sticker.

The recommended retail price for our BULLIT gel+ product in the Company's office and in stores is 350 rubles/piece.

Advantages of working with us:

Address of the company "Hermes+": Exhibition and sale of insecticidal agent BULLIT gel+, Lenin St., 100, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia, 347360., tel: +7(989)7252030; +7(928)7511898; +7(903)4636577; +7 (908)1864868; +7(904)4471577. Website:

Opening hours (Exhibition and sale): Mon. - Fri. from 12:00 to 16:00. Day off: Sat. - Sun. and Holidays.

Note: customers wishing to use the purchase of BULLIT gel+ The ORIGINAL and with its delivery to the door, use the OUR PARTNERS section on our website, select the site where your city is, (all over Russia with delivery), place an order there, choose a payment method, and you will be delivered to your home with a BULLET gel + ORIGINAL. Have a good shopping on OUR PARTNERS' websites!

We invite the owners of shops, pavilions, retail outlets to mutually beneficial cooperation on favorable terms. It is prestigious and patriotic to trade high-quality goods of a Russian manufacturer. You can place an order and leave your feedback in the feedback on the website.

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