The company "Hermes+" was founded on 06.2014.

Our pride is the modern, unparalleled, enhanced drug BULLIT gel+ produced for the company "Hermes+".

One of the important features of the production of the latest formula BULLIT gel+ is 100% quality CONTROL of the drug for compliance with the presence and quantity of active substances. This procedure gives us confidence in the production of the highest quality drug and guarantees the consumer up to 100% result from 1.5 to 2 years or more. Quarterly introduction of new active substances eliminates the habitability of mutating cockroaches to BULLIT gel+.

The composition of the drug includes: Fipronil 0.05%, food and inert components, which include exclusive components that do not give addiction to this drug, which makes it possible to always get a successful result in the fight against insects.

An important criterion for achieving the best result is strict compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations (compliance with the instructions). Treat with gel (in a cartridge of 30 g.) enough 40 sq. m. area around the perimeter or kitchen, kitchen furniture, bathroom, toilet, appliances, entrance doors. The drug is most economical when used, as it is applied by drip.


In order to protect consumers from counterfeit products, we inform sellers and buyers that the high-quality professional cockroach gel "BULLIT gel+" now has additional degrees of protection on the packaging.

The fixed retail price for our product in the stores and office of the Company is 350 rubles/piece.

Advantages of working with us:

2. We always deliver the product to the store's address.

3. We provide the necessary advertising products.

4. We release goods from 10 pcs..

5. Where there are our representatives, we give the product for sale without redemption.

6. The drug passes full 100% quality control at each quarterly release.

7. The manufacturer checks the 100% effectiveness of the insecticide " BULLIT gel+".

The Company "Hermes +". Exhibition and sale of insecticide " BULLIT gel+", Lenin street, 100, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia, 347360., tel: +7(989)7252030; +7(928)7511898; +7(903)4636577; +7 (908)1864868; +7(904)4471577. Skype: viktor-v-v1. Website:

Opening hours: Mon – - Fri. from 12: 00 to 16: 00. Days off: Sat. - Sun. and Holidays.

Note: for customers who want to use the purchase of BULLIT gel+ and with its delivery to the door, use the OUR PARTNERS section on our website, select the site where your city is located, ( all over Russia with delivery), make an order there, choose a payment method, and you will be delivered to your home BULLIT gel+ . Have a good shopping experience on OUR PARTNERS ' websites!

We invite the owners of stores, pavilions, and retail outlets to mutually beneficial cooperation on favorable terms. It is prestigious and Patriotic to trade high-quality goods of a Russian manufacturer. You can place an order and leave your feedback on the site.

Instructions for use

Places for processing BULLIT gel + point-and-drop (drop from a match head): general house hoods (bath, toilet, kitchen), furniture awnings in cabinets, in guides, drawers, in the top of each wall cabinet; places where wallpaper is removed, the lower part of the sink, where taps are attached, hot and cold water, drain pipe; cracks between the wall and the cabinet, hinged covers for gas stoves, cabinet covers under the oven; compressors and door hinges for refrigerators, microwave oven feet, electrical appliance stands, TV rear panel. The tool is used to treat objects hanging on the wall: (clocks, paintings, etc.), as well as furniture joints; the inner part of upholstered furniture, joints under window sills, the lower part of the legs of flower stands, bowls of animals, cracks between the wall and the baseboard, doors, jambs, electrical wire entry holes. The gel acts on large and medium-sized cockroaches, and after 1-4 weeks, on small cockroaches that have appeared. The contents of the syringe must be used completely. Do not rinse off or remove the gel, do not apply on substrates. "BULLIT gel +" is harmless to people and pets in the treated area. Before gel treatment, it is necessary to clean the room (remove debris, crumbs and other sources of food for cockroaches). Limit access to water and food debris for 72 hours.

Since January 2021, in order to protect consumers from counterfeit products, we inform customers that high-quality professional cockroach gel "BULLIT gel+" now has additional degrees of protection on the packaging. It will not be possible to open the package without breaking the protection! Beware of fake products.